Communication Can Cure

We’re opening our mouths, ears and hearts to improve behavioral health.

Voices of Resilience Episode 9: Adolescence, Addiction, Advocacy

Sarah Nerad took her first sip of alcohol at age 15. Her journey from self-destruction to leadership in recovery-centered education is inspiring to say the least. As a co-founder of Heartland High School, her experience and passion drive her to help teenagers in need of a safe and accepting environment to recover. Check out her full story in our latest episode:

Voices of Resilience Episode 8: Nate and Elaine Goldberg of Melissa’s House

Check out our latest story of resilience and special guests Nate and Elaine Goldberg of Melissa’s House
Their daughter struggled with mental health challenges for years. After she passed away, they took action to help others facing mental health illness by founding Melissa's House to create the best living environments possible for positive recovery.

Hear how Nate and Elaine Goldberg have improved the lives of thousands facing mental health challenges in our latest episode

Voices of Resilience Episode 7: Castlecomer

Rick Milenthal hosts Castlecomer, the hot Indy rock band from Australia, as they tell their story of how the pandemic cut their world tour short.
What does the future hold for the band that began together as children and grew to millions of downloads worldwide as they launch their second album?

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Voices of Resilience Episode 6: A Lifetime of Resilience

New episode just dropped! Holocaust survivor Edith Korda shares her remarkable journey surviving the Nazis, then the Bolsheviks, escaping Hungary through the Iron Curtain to building a new life in America. This is one you don’t want to miss. Listen now:

Why do we believe The Shipyard has a role to play in behavioral health? We’re not healthcare experts, we’re communicators. We’re in the business of motivating. Of entertaining. Of inspiring.

That means we’re also in the business of listening.

And we hear a society that’s hurting. Substance abuse. Depression. Suicide. You don’t have to look very far to feel them personally through family, friends and colleagues.

We know depression, substance abuse, anxiety and suicidal thoughts are treatable medical illnesses. But they suffer from a treacherous stigma that prevents us from talking about them. This is particularly tragic when you consider behavioral illnesses are unique in that they can be treated – even cured — not just by medicine, but by communications.

Honesty, courage and empathy can be the antidotes to sadness, anxiety and aloneness.

They also happen to be tenets of excellent communications. And so we don’t just have an interest in behavioral health, we have a purpose. To apply our talents and expertise to inspire new mindsets, break stigmas and communicate critical, life-saving information.

Can communication cure? We believe it can.

Voices Of Resiliance

Voices of Resilience,” a podcast advocating that “Communication Can Cure
Hosted by The Shipyard’s Founder & CEO Rick Milenthal, each Voices of Resilience episode features insights from important practitioners, researchers and advocates in mental health. 

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• Episode 1 - Dr. Luan Phan - Remotional Health - Navigating stress and anxiety during this pandemic.

• Episode 2 - Dr. Kenneth Yaeger - The journey from recovery to leadership.

• Episode 3 - Holly Kastan - Resilience through helping others.

• Episode 4 - Arianna Galligher and Dr. Luan Phan - Challenges for our front lines.

• Episode 5 - David Grzelak and Dr. Luan Phan - Is there a cure for suicide?

WonderBus Music & Arts Festival

The Shipyard’s involvement in the WonderBus Music & Arts Festival goes beyond our love of live music, community culture and the City of Columbus. It is one of the many tangible ways our agency is doing all it can to help improve behavioral health.

Live music creates community, and we’ll use those two powerful influences at WonderBus to start new dialogue around depression and suicide, breaking down the stigma of these misunderstood illnesses. We’ll do it with the expertise of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health.

In addition to the agency’s pro-bono support of the event, CAS and WonderBus organizers have guaranteed a share of revenue to help the medical center's programs for fighting depression and suicide prevention.

For a complete artist list for the two-day festival, visit

Working Directly with Clinical Experts and Families

Our partnership with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry aims to improve the family experience and success of treating behavioral illnesses.

We have committed marketing expertise and resources to developing a new project that empowers the families of patients admitted for suicidality to Ohio State Harding Hospital with essential information to reduce the incidence of suicide after discharge and to facilitate safe re-entry into daily living activities.

Helping On Our Sleeves™ Reach the Country

We’re proud to work with and support the On Our Sleeves™ pediatric behavioral health initiative with Nationwide Children’s Hospital.